Tsai, Lee and Chen’s patent practice has an outstanding track record of success and is highly regarded in the industry. With a team of experienced practitioners who possess advanced degrees in science and technology and deep knowledge in various technical fields and laws, we have successfully represented our clients of world-wide leaders in semiconductors, electronics, displays, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, communications, computer information, etc.


One of our key strengths is our ability to provide strategic guidance to clients during the patent application process. We work closely with inventors and companies to identify the gist of patentable inventions and develop comprehensive patent strategies that align with their business objectives.


In terms of patent prosecution, Tsai, Lee & Chen is known for satisfactory performance of securing patent grants. We meticulously prepare patent applications, ensuring that they meet the latest local laws and regulations. The firm also has extensive experience in structuring responses to office actions as well as challenging or defending in post-grant proceedings. Our team members are professionally adept in interviews with examiners to overcome rejections and objections raised during the examination process.


Moving further beyond patent grant, we sometimes be entrusted with tasks to monitors the patent landscape to advise clients on potential infringement risks and opportunities for licensing and monetization of their patents. We understand the value of patents as business assets and work closely with clients to develop strategies for maximizing the value of their patent portfolios.


Tsai, Lee & Chen’s patent practice is dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving positive outcomes. With our strong technical expertise, strategic approach, and extensive experience, we are well positioned to meet the diverse needs of our clients.