Tsai, Lee & Chen's trademark practice has consistently demonstrated excellence in protecting its clients' trademark assets. With a team of experienced trademark practitioners with educational background in law, the firm has successfully assisted numerous clients across various industries and over 200 countries and regions in securing and managing their trademark portfolios.


The firm’s overarching representative clientele spectrum spans from IT, food and beverages, restaurants, retails, consumer products, machinery, electronic devices, telecommunications, biochemical science, medical services, tourism and recreation, entertainment, mass media, to online services, etc.


As we have successfully registered and defended trademarks for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational conglomerates. Through detailed research and careful analysis, we ensure that our clients' trademarks are distinctive and legally strong, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.


In addition to our expertise in applications for trademark registration, we are well-versed in resolving the complexities of global trademark protection. We work on the analytical opinions for searches and registrations for trademarks. Our team routinely handles office action responses, reexaminations, hearings, extensions, transfers, assignments, license and others for safeguarding our clients' brands in multiple jurisdictions.


When contentious situations arise, we employ strategic approaches and deep understanding of trademark laws to prepare arguments and analysis in opposition, invalidation, and revocation proceedings to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Moreover, the firm provides top-notch legal services to resolve legal issues and defend our clients' trademark rights in administrative appeals, litigation, and other remedial proceedings.


Walking outside the firm, we offer on-the-job trainings for clients’ in-house staff to update the latest trademark knowledge. With the strategic planning in pioneering and preventive IP management and other legal counseling, Tsai, Lee & Chen is dedicated to contributing to their continued growth and success in an ever-evolving global market.