Over the years, Tsai, Lee & Chen’s IP legal service and litigation team frequently excels in representing clients in complicated and high-stakes cases of copyright, trademark, and patent infringement as well as competition disputes. We understand the importance of protecting clients' intellectual property assets. The firm’s attorneys diligently and successfully litigate cases by devising sophisticated, and sometimes unprecedented, arguments to convince the courts or even lead to new legislation. Our attorneys are also skilled negotiators. They constantly achieve favorable settlements for our clients that align with their business objectives.


ADR is another featured strength of our firm. As litigation can be lengthy and costly, we pursue possible avenues for resolving a pending dispute efficiently and amicably while still safeguarding our clients' interests.


The accumulated reputation and clients’ trust motivate the firm to expand its scope of practice beyond intellectual property. Tsai, Lee & Chen has established legal counseling and advocacy for business law matters in recent years. The attorneys are well-versed in consultation for corporate governance and compliance, securities, capital market regulations, startup and investments, mergers and acquisitions, as well as litigation of financial crimes such as insider trading, stock price manipulation, false financial reports, and hollow-out fraud. They are particularly experienced in the prevention and handling of disputes arising from shareholders' meetings and conflicts in ownership.


At Tsai, Lee & Chen, we prioritize building close ties with our clients, ensuring that we understand their unique needs and business objectives. Our personalized and client-centric approach enables us to tailor legal strategies that align with their overall business goals, resulting in comprehensive and effective lawful protection.