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   Although there are 373 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of April 6 in Taiwan, 321 of which were imported cases, and most cases can be traced with sporadic community acquired cases without travel or contact history.  Despite the under-manages situation, Taiwan CDC continues to implement more measures to further contain spread of the diseases; namely, as of April 1, CECC has required physical distancing of more than one (1) meter in public, wearing face masks when taking public transportation.   

   Taiwan does encounter a possible challenge in the next 14 days as many nationals travelled to several hot tourist sites over the past long weekend.  Taiwan CDC has thus requested all those visited certain hot tourist sites over the long weekend to inform their schools and their employers of such travel history.  These people are also required to wear masks all the time and not to dine with others in the next 14 days.   Other than the above, Taiwan, in general, has normal economical activities with the hardest impact on the airline and travel industries only.  

   Our firm has taken pre-cautionary measures to learn the travel history of all our staff by the April 5, 2020, and requesting any staff that had participated in a “crowded event” to wear masks all the time and not to dine with others in the next 14 days.   We are doing our best to maintain full and normal functions. 

   We will definitely keep update our status and wish you and your family to stay health and safe.


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