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Can we revise a trademark design and goods/services during examination, after the trademark application has been filed or after registration?

Under the provisions of the Trademark Act, alteration of a trademark design after application is not accepted. However, in the case that the trademark design has obvious errors and the applicant can provide the objective proof or evidence to prove that those errors are typing or font errors which would not influence the identity of the trademark design, and as long as the correction is not related to alterationor modification of the trademark design, then a correction is permitted to be made.

In principle, the designated names of goods or services should not be altered (or added or replaced) after the application has been filed. However, during the examination, there is no limitation to specify a name which embraces a broad meaning within the originally designated scope, or to restrict or to delete the designated names of goods or services, as these changes will narrow the claimed protection scope and will not influence the rights and interests of others. Likewise, the restriction of goods or services after a trademark is registered can be filed with the examination authority by completing the application form.
If a joint ownership of a trademark right is expected, can a trademark application be filed under the names of more than two applicants?

Pursuant to the provision of Article 2 of the Trademark Law, more than two applicants can file a trademark application to obtain a joint ownership of the trademark right. When filing the application, the application should be signed by all the joint owners and one of them should be designated as the service recipient. After the trademark is registered, the trademark right is commonly owned by all joint owners,unless otherwise prescribed in an agreement.

How long is the term of the right to the exclusive use of a trademark?

After filing a trademark application, a registration will be issued within an 8-month examination period, if it goes smoothly. The term of the exclusive right is ten years, commencing from the publication date of the trademark registration. An application for the renewal of the right to the exclusive use of a trademark may be filed within six months before or after the expiration of the term. Therefore, as long as the trademark proprietor intends to continuously possess the trademark right and files a renewal application within the prescribed period of time, then the exclusive right of a trademark can be extended repetitively without a limitation of time.

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